BECI Handels GmbH


Long-standing specialist for import and export

Since our firm was set up, we have concentrated on the exchange of goods, both as an importer and as an exporter, between Germany and other countries. We will continue to do so also in future, although as a result of globalization, direct deliveries between countries are becoming increasingly important for us.

In particular we specialize in trading with the countries of Eastern and Southeast Europe as well as the CIS nations.

Detailed knowledge of the countries concerned and a reliable network of local partnerships enable us to meet almost all requirements of our customers and suppliers and provide fully comprehensive services.

We offer you the kind of creativity and flexibility that is indispensable for modern business dealings, and set great store by quality, continuity, and reliability.

Our multilingual team with country-specific knowledge offers:

  • continuously ensure strict fulfilment of all contractual obligations assumed by us with our partners, thus creating the trust that is so essential in this market;
  • immediately recognize and communicate without delay any significant market developments;
  • effectively search for new sales and sourcing opportunities;
  • communicate effectively across language barriers even on topics of higher technical and commercial complexity.

Linking manufacturers and industrial users

Backed by a network of first-rate partnerships in industry, trade and forwarding, we regard ourselves as linking on an international scale manufacturers with product users. Well-known firms in the East and West have granted us distribution rights and long-standing sourcing contracts, thus proving their trust in our firm. We are guided by the specific needs of our customers and will never promise more than we can keep.

On behalf of our partners we engage in developing and expanding sales markets and sourcing opportunities.

Transport and logistics

We undertake the entire logistic handling of crossborder goods traffic. Our hallmarks are reliability and punctuality, to ensure that shipments of goods of the required quantity and quality arrive on time at the specified destination.

Shipping services provided by us cover

  • shipment by tank truck (also with temperature control) or tank container;
  • bulk goods shipped by silo vehicle or big bags;
  • part or full shipments by truck, rail, ship, container, and intermodal transport.

We ensure that all regulations for import and export are complied with and obtain any permits required for unimpeded carriage through transit countries.

Imports into the EU are made by us both duty-paid and duty-unpaid, according to the customer’s instructions.

Quality maintenance

All our suppliers and service providers are equipped with QS systems in keeping with international standards.

We provide documentations and certificates as may be required by our partners.

If the need arises for specialist advice, this will of course be offered by our suppliers.