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The Tolu balsam is collected in the north of South America, mainly in Colombia. For this, the bark of the balsam tree (Myroxylon balsamum) is cut. The Tolu balsam hardens in air to a viscous, sticky mass. The Tolu balsam is collected and will melted down to and filtered. In barrels, the Tolu balsam is then shipped.

Tolu balsam has a vanilla-cinnamon-odor. The ingredients of Tolu balsam are benzoic and cinnamic acids, resins, vanilla and essential oils.

The primary purpose of Tolu balsam as incense or raw material for the perfume industry.

The Tolu balsam comes from controlled collection and is free of harmful substances.
The Tolu balsam is durable at least 24 months.