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Product information

Product name: Maleic anhydride (MA)
cis-Butenedioic anhydride
(Z)-Butenedioic anhydride
Chemical formula: C4H2O3
CAS-Number: 108-31-6
EINECS-Number: 203-571-6
Customs tariff number: 2917 14 00

Product description

Maleic anhydride (MA) is produced by catalytic oxidation of n-butane. The air is mixed with superheated n-butane and fed to the reactor containing the catalyst. The oxidation takes place at a temperature of 400-450°C. The gas is then cooled. Maleic anhydride (MA) is absorbed and withdrawn. The crude maleic anhydride (MA) is purified by distillation.

Due to its high reactivity, maleic anhydride (MA) has become an important raw material and intermediate for a variety of applications.

We supply maleic anhydride (MA) in pastilles and liquid form. Our aim is to deliver all customers with a high quality.

Application area

Maleic anhydride (MA) is used as a raw material for the production of polyester resins, plastics, lubricating oil, adhesives, surfactants, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, paints and many other products.


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