BECI Handels GmbH


BECI Handels GmbH was founded in Berlin in 1993 by Mrs Heidelore Gitschlag jointly with another partner who has since left the company.

Right after the firm's foundation, it was able to acquire some major business areas and other assets from an insolvent successor company of the former East German foreign trade organization chemicals import and export, and to recruit suitably experienced staff at its Berlin and Moscow sites.

This accounts for our long-standing competence when it comes to trading in chemical products.

As a consequence, our initial business dealings concentrated almost exclusively on chemicals trading in the framework of developing trade relations between West Europe and the CIS of the time.

Even today is this business area an important area of our work and we feel over the years as a recognized specialist in the field of trade of chemical raw materials between Western Europe and the former CIS - countries.

That this will continue to be a significant part of our firm's future is our belief, despite the fact that since its foundation there has been marked diversification of our key business in Europe and also overseas.

With the founders daughter joining the firm in 2001, an important decision was made to ensure our continued development for the company BECI Handels GmbH.

2009 Entry of Sören Schiffer into BECI Handels GmbH. Since then, the 3rd generation has also been an integral part of the company.

2011 Handover of the management of Ms. Heidelore Gitschlag to her daughter Sabine Schiffer.

2020 Handover of the management of Mrs. Sabine Schiffer to her husband Stephan Schiffer, who joined BECI Handels GmbH in the same year.

20 years BECI Handels GmbH

25 years BECI Handels GmbH